Welcome to the Wellness Network Community

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The Wellness Network (WN) is a global organization of Wellness Consultants who share the common goal of building successful Wellness Home businesses around the world.

A unique training and support program called The Wellness Trak System (WTS) provides a complete 'operating system' for all aspects of the business. The WTS materials have been developed by Nikken Leaders and business and healthcare experts to provide WN members with professional tools and structures to build their businesses.

How can you join the Wellness Network Community? It's simple ... and it's FREE!

By joining the Wellness Network, you will receive exciting weekly and monthly emails to keep you connected to the Wellness Network education and support structure.


The Wellness Network is entirely free, along with all the tools that can be viewed and downloaded. To help the site operate and grow, we do ask for a voluntary donation. If you like what you are using, you decide if you would like to support it - any amount is greatly appreciated. Donate one time, or monthly, it all goes to keeping the site and tools updated. Thank you for your support.